Winter blues? How to cheer up the winter months – Part 1

Feeling Winter months are never ending?

January, February and March are tough months for the mood and energy. It can then result in a winter blues or seasonal depression. Here, winter seems to never ends and we dream of spring, summer, heat, light and freedom. In Quebec and parts of Canada, we experience four distinct seasons and these winter months are the toughest. Other countries and regions are also affected, such as the northern United States and France, which experience less intense winters but which also affect mood. Taking care of yourself is one way to improve your mood and energy.

The good news is that with these winter months the days are getting longer. We can enjoy more hours of light and sunshine. So if you are having trouble with your mood and energy, I have a few tips to help you lift your spirits, mood and energy.

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Take care of yourself

Have a spa at home with essential oils

Prepare a nice hot bath with essential oils. It’s inexpensive and very simple. Make this moment a moment of tranquility with a relaxing atmosphere. A few candles, some relaxing music and you are all set! Take this time for yourself. You can also take the opportunity to make yourself a beauty mask.

There are several essential oils that you can put in your bath. For example, you can mix about 10 drops of lavender with 125ml of a neutral oil in a small bowl. Then, put the mixture under the running water so that it is distributed in the bath water. I also like rosewood essential oil, which is known to help increase your mood.

Don’t have a bathtub? Maybe you could ask a loved one to borrow their bathroom? If you don’t have a tub, you could wrap yourself in a warm blanket and take a foot bath. You can use essential oils as an aromatherapy on your blanket in the following way. Put 10 to 15 drops of your essential oil in 500 ml of water and pour into a spray bottle. Mix well and spray on your blanket a couple of mist.

Choose and use essential oils with care as some may not be suitable. It is also important to dilute them before use.

 Stay in touch with your friends and family

In this time of a pandemic, it can be difficult to meet friends and family in person, but it is even more important to stay in touch with them. The telephone remains the easiest way. If you have Internet access, make a videoconference or chat through Messenger. If possible, go for coffee with a loved one. It will lift your mood for sure!

 Eat better and take vitamins to face winter

Food is of course the basis of our body energy. Combined with sleep, these two base activities are affecting our general well-being and mood. Changing your eating habits is not always easy. But, by starting with small, simple changes, it can make a difference in the end. Your health is in your hands and taking care of it takes some effort. Cooking more often, replacing meat dishes with occasional vegetarian dishes, reducing sugars and using better fats are some ways to eat better. Enjoy trying new recipes!

For 200 tips and suggestions to improve your eating habits, you can get my book Mangez mieux un pas à la fois (only available in French) in version ebook or in paper version .

Sometimes a lack of energy and seasonal blues can be a result of nutritional deficiencies. Depending on your situation, it may be necessary to take vitamin supplements. Check with your doctor to find out what supplements you may need.

Sleep better

Sleeping is obviously very important for ensuring optimal energy levels and better mood during these winter months. If you have trouble sleeping, I have some videos and guided meditations that might help you on my Youtube channel .


Meditation is recognized as an effective way to refocus. When dealing with winter blues, meditation is an activity that can help you regain inner peace. It can help on regaining energy and raise your mood.

You don’t know where to start? I recommend guided meditation, which is in my opinion the easiest way to start meditation.

To start with simple and effective guided meditations, see all the guided meditations of La Plume Rêveuse . Also available on Youtube.

If you are curious about the most popular types of meditation, see my article on the 5 most popular types of meditation .

Go outside and get some light

It is well recognized that outdoor activity increases energy, mood and allows you to sleep better. To better fight the winter blues, it may be to your advantage to do outside activities. Doing an activity as simple as walking helps oxygenate the body. In addition, the stored light will increase your mood. It is natural light therapy and it doesn’t cost anything. Even if you’re not athletic, a simple 15-minute walk can make a big difference. Take advantage of the sun’s rays when they are present, and even if is is cloudy, take a deep breath in the fresh air outside. There is nothing like it to energize you and clear your mind.

If you are in a closed office or a darker house, it is also possible to get a light therapy lamp. Maybe you are leaving in the morning when it is dark and you come back home and it is still dark? With a light therapy lamp, you can benefit of some light to help boost your mood. Using this lamp for 15 minutes a day will also have a beneficial effect. If you can afford it, it can be a good investment if you don’t have the opportunity to go outside during the day. This device can easily be found for sale on the internet.

 See your doctor

Your doctor can identify the reasons for your lack of energy, winter blues or depression. Your doctor is the only person who can give an accurate diagnosis of depression or winter blues. If you think you have symptoms of depression, then it becomes necessary to see your doctor. Your doctor may also see other reasons for this low energy and mood, such as vitamin deficiencies, and may prescribe what you need.

Having been through depression, I share my experience in a series of four videos on the subject .

There are several other ways!

The seasonal winter blues can kick in, but there are ways to get through it and cheer yourself up during the winter months. It’s normal to have ups and downs in life. This is why it is in our best interest to take actions that will give us energy. Taking care of yourself is one way to spend the winter months by keeping your spirits up.

As mentioned, seeing your doctor is essential to find out the reasons for your lack of energy, evaluate your mood and determine if you are suffering from seasonal depression or winter blues.

I hope these solutions will inspire you. Besides taking care of yourself, this time is an opportunity to do something interesting. This is what you will find in the second part of this article.

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May your life be filled with colors, music, joy and loving kindness.


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