Winter blues? How to increase you mood – Part 2

Winter is never ending?

Winter bluesAs mentioned in PART 1, January, February and March are tough months for the mood and energy. It can then result in a winter blues or seasonal depression. Here are other ways to face this difficult period by practicing some interesting and stimulating activities such as a hobby, online training and leasure.

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Take online courses

While we spend more time indoors during this time, why not take some online courses? Whether it’s to learn more about a topic of interest or to improve a skill, online training is a great way to motivate yourself. There is a multitude of courses that are available. There are available at all prices and for all subjects. Depending on your interests, you can definitely find training on the web that is right for you and that will boost your mood. My favorite website for inexpensive online courses is .

It is also possible to find face-to-face group training, if you want to take outside classes. Look in your locality for available trainings. Most cities offer inexpensive activities and training such as learning how to photograph.

Who knows, maybe a training will ignite a spark to make it a new passion!

Practice a hobby and leisure

Having a hobby is a great way to keep mentally in shape and get rid of the seasonal blues. Having a leisure activity definitely affects mood and energy. Whether it is a hobby or a growing interest, practicing a hobby is an accessible source of well-being. With a little time and effort, pursuing a hobby or leasure is an activity of choice during this more difficult winter period.

Whether you are working on your hobby projects or practicing a hobby, the interest and enthusiasm you feel will increase your energy and mood. Engaging in these activities allows you to be in the “flow” – a moment of fullness where your concentration is focused on the activity. You will find pride and happiness there. And, even if this is something you’ve never done, give it a try! Whether it’s drawing or building a birdhouse, start from the beginning and do it for fun. Start with small, inexpensive projects.

How to find your hobby or leisure? What to try? Do some research on the Internet, Pinterest and Youtube on your topics of interest and start with a small project that is no longer than a few hours. There are tons of DIY tutorials (Do it yourself). Here are some ideas:

 hobby drawing mandala Draw, color, paint

Drawing and painting are accessible to everyone. You don’t have to be an artist to unleash your creativity or just for the pleasure of applying colors to a sheet or canvas. Anyone can enjoy drawing, coloring and painting. Find the child in you!

Regardless of the level, what is important is the pleasure of doing the activity itself. What we get out of it as an experience of relaxation and fulfillment. Achieving something tangible brings satisfaction. Whether it is a mandala, a drawing, a painting by number, or any other achievement, you will access a sense of pride and self-realization.

There are tons of products to color or paint with different themes: animals, landscapes, mandala, etc. Downloadable coloring books or sheets can be found on the Internet and there are many tutorials on the Web on drawing and painting. The color will also bring you a bit of light to help keep away the seasonal blues.

To color a mandala, you can download an Emoji style Mandala for free by clicking on this link .

To make a mandala, you can read my article What is a mandala, what is it for and how to make a mandala .


To release whatever is inside, you can write. It’s very liberating. Writing down your thoughts and feelings on a few sheets of paper can help to free you from old wounds. Burn or tear these sheets afterwards. Then write in a notebook or on a piece of paper what your ideal life would be.

Did you dream of being a writer? Well, the first step is to write. Write a poem, a children’s story, a short story, a synopsis. Maybe you will want to continue afterwards! There are also writing courses to guide you in this process.

Read and consult books

Do you prefer to immerse yourself in a story already written? Would you like to travel and want to find out about the country you have dreamed of for a long time? Reading is a calming activity, but it can also be motivating!

Reading a novel brings emotions, allows you to visualize characters, to get inside the story. There are novels of all genres and for all tastes. Don’t be afraid to make new discoveries at your bookstore or the library.

Also, reading books on any of your topics of interest is a great way to disconnect from the internet and return to reading content. You can find practical books at your local library at no cost. A good way to get rid of the seasonal blues.

Go to your local library in your area! It’s free, accessible, and you might find something that will appeal to you.

Watch movies

Are you passionate with movies? Why not take the opportunity to watch movies if you are a movie lover! Because we spend more time indoors, it’s the time to watch movies that makes us feel good. You can take the opportunity to collect your impressions and comments in a notebook or start a blog on the subject to make it your hobby!

Getting ready for the spring and summer season

What an interesting way to spend the winter preparing for our beautiful spring and summer months? There is nothing better than to put your energy at the service of something positive! This could be by wanting to get back in shape and exercise. Walk on a treadmill, do aerobic or tai chi, for example.

And why not plan your backyard or garden? By making plans for the future, you stay in the positive and hope for better days, leaving the seasonal blues behind. Growing fruits and vegetables indoors for the summer can be a very enjoyable hobby and allows you to set your mindset away from the actual winter.

Plan your summer vacation by finding out about the location and making an itinerary. What could be more exciting than thinking about the holidays!

 music music Listen or make music

Music has the capacity to soothes the soul and lifts the mood. Whether you play music or listen to music, this is a great activity that can create the most intense emotions. Joy, sorrow, anger are part of the panoply of emotions felt through music.

Take advantage of the winter months to build your playlists or learn a new instrument. And why not listen to some new artists or a new genre? Discovering new, interesting music is super fun.

For listen to my chill out music, here is my playlist on Youtube .

And many other activities to help you through the seasonal blues!

There are so many possible activities that you will surely find something that will suit you. Here are a few others: cooking, doing mechanics, seeking higher education, visiting museums, planning renovations, knitting or sewing, playing board games, etc.

Feeling enthusiasm

The seasonal blues can come to you, but there are ways to get through it and cheer yourself up during the winter months. It’s normal to have ups and downs in life. This is why it is in our best interest to take actions that will give us energy. Taking care of yourself, taking courses, pursuing a hobby or a leisure activity are all within your reach. On top, new activities will add some spice to your life! It can help you feel enthusiasm and boost your mood. Thus, the months will pass more easy.

This period is an opportunity to do something interesting and take care of yourself. As mentioned, seeing your doctor is essential to find out the reasons for your lack of energy, evaluate your mood and determine if you are suffering from depression or winter blues.

I hope these solutions will inspire you. I’m sure you also have some ideas that you can leave in the comments for the benefit of everyone who reads them.

If you did not already read the PART 1 of this article, you can access it by click on this link.

May your life be filled with colors, music, joy and loving kindness.


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