Unable to meditate? 4 easy techniques to try

You think that you can’t meditate?

You think you cannot meditate for 5 minutes? You think that you are unable to stand still, to sit cross-legged and think nothing? I can tell you that you can meditate and this is why.

There are several ideas about what meditation is. Meditation is a series of techniques aimed at relaxing, refocusing, connecting with oneself and the universe. There is not just one specific technique where you are required to sit in the lotus position with your hands grinding. If you believe this, you can read my article Do we really have to sit cross-legged in an uncomfortable position to practice meditation? ?

Meditation can be very simple and there are many ways to do meditation. Here are a few.
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1- Breathe and count

Make yourself comfortable in the location of your choice. This exercise can be done anywhere. You can sit in a chair, lie in your bed, or even practice this exercise while standing.
Inhale from the lower abdomen to the lungs while counting to 5 in your head. Exhale and count to 5. You can do these breaths for 1 to 2 minutes.
This exercise is very simple and involves focusing our attention on the count and on the breath. This exercise allows you to refocus, settle down and find a state of mental, physical and emotional calm.

2- Listen to guided meditation

Guided meditation is an easy and accessible. I started several years ago with guided meditations. Among others, those of Nicole Bordeleau, who is a great inspiration for me.

Many guided meditations are available on Youtube. There are also apps, like Headspace or Little Bamboo, which offer guided meditations and breathing exercises. These applications are accessible on your mobile devices and available to you at any time.

And there’s no shortage of choice! There are various types of meditation such as breathing exercises, positive affirmations, chakra visualization, mantras, etc. You will find meditations to help you with a particular problem. Like, for example, exercises to help sleep. There are also different durations. For a quick meditation in the morning, you can opt for a duration of 5 to 10 minutes. Waking up to positive affirmations in the morning will boost your day. It is up to you to experiment and determine which ones you like. There are several criteria to assess such as sound quality, voice and music. Some voices appeal to us more than others. And the music can be disturbing in some cases.

Listening to guided meditations is very accessible, anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re in a boardroom, park, or at home, plug in your headphones and step into your inner world. Do you feel overwhelmed by events during the day? Is your attention diffused and you have difficulty concentrating? Take a 5 minute break with a guided meditation on your mobile device or computer. It’s a good investment of time.

I offer guided meditations that you can get here or that you can watch on Youtube.

3- Listen or recite mantras

Mantras are spoken and rhythmic phrases to which spiritual power is attributed. Like prayer, mantras can bring us into a state of calm. Through the repetition of mantras, we can feel a union with the earth and in the present moment. Thoughts and worries fly away. Mantras can even bring us into a state close to trance.

I especially love the chanted mantras. Some artists combine singing with music. For example, Deva Premal and Miten from Australia do wonders. Deva’s voice is airy, beautiful and sweet. Miten’s music is enveloping and soothing. A musical universe conducive to meditation. The links to their Youtube channel are at the end of the article.

4- Active meditation

For the more active, there is active meditation. There are many forms of active meditation such as coloring, tai chi, and gardening. Any activity that requires attention and allows you to stay in the present moment offers a state of meditation and well-being. This is a good solution if you think you can’t move for 5 minutes!

Coloring or drawing a mandala is an active meditation activity. It is a very simple exercise that is often used in art therapy. You color while staying focused on movement and color. It is a very fun and stress relieving activity. You don’t need to be knowledgeable in the art to do this very accessible activity. Unlike classical meditation, our eyes are wide open and attention is focused on the present moment.

See my video on how to make a mandala.

I have introduced you in this post to some techniques to encourage you to start meditation or to see meditation in another way.

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To color a mandala, you can download an Emoji style Mandala by clicking on this link. It will take you to a download page.

To make a mandala you can read my articleWhat is a mandala, purposes and how to make a mandala.

For all guided meditations, click here. You will find them as well in Youtube.

For Deva Premal and Miten videos, click here to be directed to their Youtube channel.

May your life be filled with colors, joy and loving kindness!


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