ville-ny-bruitInadequate and noisy environment

Are you experiencing stress in your work environment and unable to concentrate? Do you have trouble keeping focus on your subject? Whether it is at work, at home, at a café or at the airport, relaxing and stimulating music can help you set up a relaxing sound environment to work or study. Here is my strategy and my top 10 music to work in a pleasant and stress free sound environment.

Ambient noise

It is a fact that we spend a lot of time in front of our computer and mobile devices. When we have to work in a concentrated way for long hours, it is sometimes necessary to put ourselves in an optimal sound environment to carry out our task. Because of the distractions around us, the brain can feel stress when it has to ignore ambient noise. It becomes hard to keep the focus on activities that requires concentration. Whether it is ambient sounds from the office, our colleagues chatting near next to us, city sounds like cars passing by, fans making noise, our attention is constantly drawn to sources of noise. These can distract us from the task to accomplish.

échéance-stressRelated stress

Constantly being disturbed by these sound distractions adds a level of stress to our shoulder. Our attention is dispersed and the task to accomplish takes more time. Having to finish a job at the end of the day and feeling unable to maintain concentration can make us even more stressed and tired. In addition, it can generate anger over the external noise sources, generating a sense of frustration, which does not help the concentration and achievement of the task.

Create a sound environment

It is not always possible to work or study in a calm and quiet place. An interesting solution is to build your own sound environment. I share here my way of preparing a sound environment that allows me to work with efficiency and concentration. This method allows me to not feel tired or stressed, since relaxing music promotes calm. It helps maintaining my brain focused on the task I have to do. This strategy can also be useful in many areas and activities, such as reading, painting or any other activities.

musique relaxante au travailMy strategy

So here it is. Every morning, I prepare my sound environment with a selection of music available on Youtube. Often lasting from 3 to 6 hours, these background music accompany me throughout the day. The beauty of this, if you have internet and unlimited download is that it is completely free. The majority of videos have a few seconds of advertising at first, but it’s not a major irritant for me. Usually, I choose a music in the morning and I choose another one at the return of the lunch, for the afternoon. When I work from home, I choose the music on my computer and play it on the speakers connected to my computer. To avoid being distracted, I open another window of my browser to hide the video or I reduce the browser window. I use headphones if there is too much ambient noise or if I am outside. I use my mobile phone when I am outside. If you are in an office or a place outside the home, headphones are saviors. You can connect them to your mobile phone, your computer or a laptop. If the computer does not belong to you, make sure your employer allows you to use Youtube all day and plug in your headphones. Explain to your employer how much productivity they will get from you!

Choosing relaxing music

It is important to choose a music that does not make you fall asleep. Right at the beginning of the music piece, I know if I will like this music to work on or not. Many relaxing musics have a soporific effect, which brings you to sleep. Other relaxing music are made for meditation and may bring you to a state of meditation rather than a work focus. The music must accompany your brain in the task that needs to be done and not bring you to sleep. Relaxing music does not necessarily mean falling asleep. It must stimulate your brain while allowing it to feel that it does not take all your attention. It has to make you feel well and confortable, as in a cocoon or a soft blanket for the brain. Choosing a non-aggressive music to my experience is very important. According to your taste, you have to listen and choose what corresponds to you. Some tones can disturb you and even annoy you, even in the relaxing music! It must be natural and your thoughts should feel like the music is a chair that your brain can rely on. That way, your thoughts are free to focus on the task and not on the music.

calme et sans stressThe benefits

Since I use this simple strategy, my days are less stressed and my attention is directed more effectively. Obviously, it all depends on the task we have to accomplish. I use it to write scripts and articles, do internet research, read, updating my website, writing posts, etc. In the context where I give record guided meditations or videos, it is obvious that I need silence then. On my guided meditations, I also do relaxing music but for the purpose of meditation.

Why not listening to the radio?

Not everybody are the same and maybe you can work listening to the radio. To my experience, unlike the radio, ambient music does not distract me. The radio offers songs that I want to sing and it prevents me from focusing on my activities that require attention. The radio also distracts me with news and commercials which become noise. Obviously, it depends of the activity I am doing! If I clean the house, the radio is playing full volume!

My criteria to choose music

I chose the below music that works for me. There are tons of choices on Youtube and you will certainly find songs that you like. I really like guitar, piano and flute, as well as Celtic, Amerindian, African and Tibetan rhythms. It all depends on my mood. Maybe you would prefer something more jazz or more techno? The sounds of nature are also interesting such as bird songs, whale songs, sounds of the sea and waves that run down the beach, running streams, flowing waterfalls, morning rain, evening storm, rustling leaves in the forest. The variety of music and sound environment is vast and you have to test which one corresponds for you.

musique nature calmeYour turn to try!

Below is a Youtube list with my top 10. More is available on my playlist. There are so many choices on Youtube that you will certainly find the relaxing and stimulating music, which will accompany your activities. Make the experience and share your favorite music with me!

I hope this article will help you and that you will find your sound environment to feel less stressed and more concentrated in your work or in your study periods. I look forward to hearing from you!

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May your life be filled with colors, joy and loving kindness.


Chantal Rioux

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