Portfolio and media activities

12-Flowers on table and flowers with kanji symbols2019-12-12T16:57:37-05:00
16-Sea shells and Kanji symbols Water and Sea2019-12-12T21:44:21-05:00
18-Different paintings and my father2019-12-12T21:51:18-05:00
20-My children Poptart and Relaxing on the dock2019-12-12T21:54:55-05:00
2019 – Journée de la culture – Exposition Coup de coeur Écho logique2019-12-20T17:30:04-05:00
2019- Exposition at the Festival Argenteuil in blues2019-12-20T17:24:02-05:00
21-Dragon, fire, thunder, lightning2019-12-12T22:03:15-05:00