Is there an artist inside of you?

What is an artist?

According to Wikipedia, “An artist is a person engaged in an activity related to creating art, practicing the arts, or demonstrating an art. ”. According to the Larousse dictionary, it is a person who practices one of the fine arts, a person who has a sense of beauty and capable of creating a work of art or even a person who does some thing with great skill, according to the rules of the art.

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To be or not to be an artist?

I firmly believe that every human being has an artistic side. Not only to be an artist in the true sense of the word, either to be a practitioner of the fine arts or who has a mastery of a craft. I think we can all be artists at different levels. The classic way to be recognized as an artist is to study fine arts. Drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture, music, poetry, theater and dance are considered to be fine arts. There are also other forms of learning and other paths which allow to bring out the artist in oneself. The designer, the landscaper, the farmer, the computer scientist, the blacksmith, the knitter, the baker are examples of artists and craftsperson who learn and master their craft according to the rules of the art. They are all artists.

Art is knowledge, practice and mastery of an activity as simple as taking care of your lawn or shoveling your snow to make a nice row. These examples show that the person wants to do something beautiful and what is more, will be appreciated, by himself or by others. Any form of art is appreciated, either in its use, its beauty, or its message. For me, the artist is someone who wants to do something beautiful or meaningful, whether it is useful or not. The result of a work of art may or may not expresses a message.

And you?

If you have an artist inside of you, there is always time to get started. It is never too late to become an artist and express through art who you are. Whether for pleasure or for profit, practicing an activity with enthusiasm becomes an art in itself!

I’ve always been an artist on the inside even though I got into it as an adult in 2003. It took a long time for me to define myself as a multidisciplinary artist. The feeling of being an impostor can block someone, and comparing your first trials to “real” artists can be intimidating. Having an atypical background, it was through studies of all kinds, and through practice, that I became an artist. It is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith, isn’t it?

Where to start?

It is to our advantage to try things and start somewhere. Don’t be afraid to pick up a pencil if you want to draw. Spread paint on canvas with a brush if you want to paint. Hold a wood instrument if you want to carve wood. It is through the knowledge and technique acquired with each step over time that reveal the artist inside. Trials and errors are part of the learning curve. You shouldn’t be afraid to fail. Like many projects in life, it is quite normal to encounter setbacks. Try things out and most of all, don’t compare yourself.

Maybe you know someone who is doing the activity you would like to do? You could contact that person. There are tons of tutorials on the web on all subjects. You can dedicate a few minutes a day to learn about the activity you have chosen. There are many online or in person training courses, allowing you to learn about the subject of your choice. You don’t have to have the full equipment to start a project. With a very small budget, you can equip yourself or rent equipment.


We look at others and say to ourselves, “It’s so beautiful what she does or what he does. I will never be able to do that! “. The goal is not to do identically what others do. It is to our benefits to learn and take steps in something we enjoy. The goal is to express our personality and our uniqueness. Perhaps you are setting unnecessary limits? Break down the barriers!

If you have ever dreamed of drawing, dancing, singing, playing musicals or knitting, or whatever your dream is, listen to the artistic flame inside you. We set ourselves limits because we look at others and we judge ourselves harshly. When you start out an new activity or hobby, it is better not to judge yourself. Rather, try things, embrace learning, accept mistakes, fix them, and move on. This is how anyone comes to master their art. Whether it is the art of meditation, a martial art or any other form of art.

I have no talent!

Of course, there are things that can be learned more easily. For example, if you have natural talent, it will be easier to start your activity. However, the history of all successful artists mentions this undeniable fact. Talent alone doesn’t work. It’s work, study and practice that brings results.
It is possible that art forms or certain activities may be less within our reach. In this I believe there is always the possibility of finding an artistic form that suits our character, our physical and intellectual abilities. You can also turn what you might consider a weakness to be a strength. For example, I have a deep tone of voice. I have often found my way of speaking not to be interesting enough, not dynamic enough or not fast enough. However, I have a perfect voice for doing the guided meditation reading!

There are several aspects that can block us from releasing our inner artist. For example, allowing ourselves to be negatively influenced by people around us who might make us believe that we are incapable of it. We may lack confidence in our abilities, or, simply be afraid of judgment. These are aspects that must be overcome. And the way to do it is to try.

Inspire yourself and start!

If you have a little artistic flame inside of you, start with a small project related to the activity of your choice. Learn about it and watch what others are doing. I would like to clarify something about watching what others are doing. When we look at others, it is to our advantage to be able to admire what they are doing, to be inspired by them, and to learn from those who have come before us. It was a great revelation when I was able to be inspired by the work of others and not feel intimidated.
Step by step, day after day, get started. Accept the journey. Appreciate the road and not just the destination. Put inside your activity your color, your way of being, your individual expression, your heart. This is how the artistic flame can express itself. I hope this article gives you a little spark.

It is never too late!

It’s never too late to start something and make it an art. At any age, it is possible to start a new journey. Regardless of the field of activity, we are all a bit of an artist inside.

If drawing appeals to you, you can do art therapy exercises, such as coloring or drawing a mandala.

Today, I project my artistic flame on the Web through many projects of all kinds: writing, visual art, music, recording of guided meditations, recording of videos. I do a lot of things and I like it. Whether it’s popular or not, this is not my first goal. My goal is to create, to add color, music and loving kindness to this world. To me, creation is art!

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May your life be filled with colors, joy and loving kindness!


Chantal Rioux

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